Al Vermeil
Chicago Bulls Strength and Conditioning Consultant

Title"Oleg Danilov has worked for VSF and the Chicago Bulls between December of 1995 and July of 1998. His previous experience of working in a Soviet system of training enables him to make fine coaching points and instruct on a high level. Oleg's ability to teach running drills, jumps, plyometrics, and Olympic lifting was excellent.
At VSF we individualize all programs. Oleg understood from a beginning and demonstrated an innate ability to assimilate his knowledge with our method of individualizing the programs, quickly grasp new concepts and adapt it to an athlete's changing physical state. Oleg’s previous experience as a highly competitive athlete serves him well in helping him to be a fine Strength and Conditioning coach. I put a premium on my staff’s ability to learn and not to continue to use outdated methods of training and Oleg was able to demonstrate such ability."


Andrei Arlovski
Former UFC Heavy Weight Champion

Arlovski3"I started training with Oleg a few months before the fight with Tim Silvia where I won my first World Championship belt. I immediately found out that his knowledge of strength development and understanding of my particular training needs was absolutely remarkable. He was able to pin point my athletic needs and develop state of the art strength and conditioning program that helped me to become a “complete athlete” and the Ultimate Fighting Champion of the World. The cost of being unprepared in the Ultimate Fighting is too great, that is why I must spend every ounce of energy in the gym working on every aspect of my development as a Fighter. I am grateful that I was able to train with Oleg whose experience in the Strength and Conditioning field helped me to solidify all the gains I made in boxing and wrestling."


Terrance Cunningham (View his "Monster Hit")
Outside Linebacker, Dartmouth

Cunningham"Training with Oleg can’t be summed up in words.  His knowledge of Olympic lifting is second to none.  My favorite coaching quality of Oleg is his ability to change and alter a program instantly based on watching one or two sets.  He can have a planned program and I can be in the middle of it and then he sees something in my training that just doesn’t seem right and he will make a change, boom! It just happens; I would be constantly breaking records.  Training with Oleg dramatically improved my athleticism, and the best thing is it was visible on the field.  Another great thing about Oleg coaching is that it not only improves overall athleticism but also is great for injury prevention.   Without Oleg I can honestly say I would not be the athlete that I am today.  Yea that’s me, too bad they didn’t take the picture when I was at the top of the jump."


Steve Kerr
5 times NBA Champion, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs (1998)

Kerr"For the past two and a half years I have had the chance to weight train with Oleg. As a member of the Chicago Bulls I have discovered the benefits of weight training, and Oleg has played a major role in my development. In fact most of the players on our team have implemented weight training into our daily regimen, and we feel that the strength and conditioning benefits have helped us win championships. Oleg has worked closely with me, and I have been truly impressed by his knowledge, creativity, and teaching methods. I have told him many times that I think he deserves a chance to run his own program. The best recommendation I can give him is that if were a head coach (which I plan to be some day), I would hire him to run my team’s weight training program."










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