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Oleg Danilov Sports & Fitness Consulting, Inc. provides training and educational service to athletes of all ages, levels and abilities. To fully unlock your athletic potential a methodical approach to developing an effective multi-cycle training program is required. Because of its complexity and multitude of various factors that can affect the outcome of a long term training program, it is very difficult to manage. Athlete’s life style and training regimen can significantly influence how the training stimuli summate.

Only a highly qualified professional who had an experience of working with athletes of all levels, can effectively determine these factors and modify the training protocol to consistently produce a positive result. Oleg Danilov has had an opportunity to work with some of the greatest athletes in the world, gaining practical experience from some of the best strength and conditioning professionals and sports scientists in the field.

Oleg’s believe is that every individual who works out regularly is an Athlete, just of different level, regardless of the age, gender or the genetic potential! Therefore, the same rules of athletic development apply to those individuals just as well as they apply to those athletes who compete on the “highest stage”! Don’t waste your time using old, overused and ineffective methods which emphasize training “body parts” and the peripheral musculature.

Learn how to train your body as a “whole”, and become the best ATHLETE YOU CAN BE! You will be shocked with the results!

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